Insurgents: Redefining Rebellion in Barbados

There is a popular belief that Barbadians have historically been passive when it comes to acts of resistance against injustices. To address this, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Life in Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender Based Violence and Barbados Youth Development Council, are proposing a space to highlight and discuss the intrinsic activism of Barbadians as proactive instigators of social change.

Insurgents: Redefining Rebellion in Barbados is an interactive exhibition analyzing historical instances of resistance from plantation rebellion to labour and social riots, as well as contemporary sites of activism for Barbadian civil rights. The display will be formatted to be accessible for visitors of all physical and learning abilities, with braille signage, multimedia areas and ‘quiet’ encounter areas. The emphasis on collaboration in this exhibition extends to working with the local artistic community in creating displays, as well as publicly sourcing content through a community open call. Visitor participation is also key– content will include contributions from those visiting the space in a variety of mediums from written feedback to a space where they can video log ideas around protest in Barbados.

The main aims of the exhibition are as follows:

  • To revise the historical view on Barbadians relationship with activism
  • To highlight the unique way protesting happens in Barbados
  • To emphasize the exhibition space as a place of accessible discourse and exchange

The exhibition will run from 8th March until 31st May 2019, at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, as well as through the interactive digital campaign #IAmInsurgent


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